Virtual Experience SYMUNITY GROUP Announcement of initiatives for virtual business

We will establish a creative group "HAKU".

Creators with various backgrounds belong to the symunity group,
We have left a track record of space production that makes full use of cutting-edge technology.

We will establish a new creative group namd "HAKU"; where creators can send art works to the world without being bound by client work and without limiting the genre.

Just as white is colored, new things are born from empty places.
White can be transformed into various colors by mixing with other colors,
but it is not dyed only by that color.
A wide variety of creative sources that never lose their core identity as well as flexibility.
HAKU is a newly born creative brand from Japan to the world.

― Creator ―
Shimazu Yuma
Shimazu Yuma/志満津勇馬
Graduated from Japan Institute of the Moving Image.
Joined Takenaka in 2016.
Based on experience, he is constantly searching for productions from various angles.
Ouchi Kiyoki
Ouchi Kiyoki/大内清樹
Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design Media Design.
Joined Takenaka in 2017.
He produces videos on the theme of fusion of naturally occurring phenomena and artificial noise.
Sekino Keiichiro
Sekino Keiichiro/關野圭一郎
Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts Graduate School of Sculpture.
Joined Takenaka in 2019.
With the theme of existence, he produces a wide range of works from 2D to 3D images.