Virtual Experience SYMUNITY GROUP Announcement of initiatives for virtual business

Notice regarding media division integration / "SWAG" starts business

The Symunity Group has intergrated the media divisions of its operating companies and started its business in January 2021 under the new name "SWAG".

The visualization required in the field of program, movie, and live event production is shifting from pre-rendered video to real-time graphics, and the production ratio in XR production is increasing.

Behind this is a greater expressiveness, flexibility and user experience that was previously unattainable.

The Symunity Group, which has a proven track record in the live entertainment market, has created creativity by making full use of all engine software according to the needs of the market. At SWAG, by consolidating the resources and production environment of each department, it has become possible to realize more optimal solutions for each project.

"Experience as value"

We promise to provide a one-stop service from planning to completion by combining know-how of both XR creative and technology.