Company Name Symunity inc. (Symunity GROUP)
Business Company
Established 2015.5.11
capital stock 99.84 million yen

CEO      Hideaki Takenaka

Director   Hideki Nagasaki

Auditor       Ryoko Kikuchi

Number of employees 190 employees (Group consolidation)
1926 Started manufacturing and sales of projectors at the first Takenaka Seijiro and Osaka Nihonbashi 2-chome.
1958.8 August Established Takenaka Co Ltd, which manufactures and sells projectors.
1998 Established Digifix Co Ltd, an affiliated video production company.
2000 Change to Digifix Co, Ltd.
2003.2 Opened Takenaka Kyoto Sales Office.
2004.1 Opened Takenaka Tokyo Sales Office.
2005.2 Opened Takenaka Nagoya Sales Office.
2007.2 Opened Shanghai sales office.
2011.5 Started activity for VISUALOGIC.
2012.7 Started activity for Media Interactive.
2015.1 Established Symdirect Inc.
2015.5 Established Sym-Unity Co Ltd in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2015.8 Ark Ventures Inc. joins the Symunity GROUP.
2016.7 Takenaka Co Ltd join the Symunity GROUP.
Opened the Symunity Group media studio in Suminoe-ku, Osaka.
2016.8 Established Tasc Service Inc.
2016.9 Symdirect Inc. joins the Symunity GROUP.
2017 Started the Symunity GROUP business structure as Osaka and Tokyo are two head offices.
2017.9 Opened the Symunity hard center Tokyo, Kanamachi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
2017.11 Moved Takenaka Kyoto Sales Office to Fushimi Ward Kuina Station due to business expansion.
2018.4 Opened Ichigaya Office (Symunity Tokyo Lab), Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2018.8 Task Service Inc. joins the Symunity GROUP.
2019.10 Tepros joins the Symunity GROUP.
2020.8 SYMUNITY xR HYBRID EVENT 2020 held.
2020.10 SYMUNITY MEDIA FORUM 2020 held.
2022.6 PRESSTONE Co.Ltd. joins the Symunity GROUP.
Member organization

The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry